The joy in Giving

I am a sucker for smiles… With this in mind I cannot describe to you how joyful I just saw 50 or so young people out at the college! With the contributions made from friends in America these college students have experienced happiness in a whole new way. I was lucky enough to hand out volleyballs, handballs, badminton sets, soccer balls, full cricket sets, and so much more… The students will now have an opportunity to enjoy games and fellowship inside through board games and outside through physical games!

The question you may be asking is why? Why would we spend this money on sports equipment on students who may be gone in 6 months? A year? A very simple answer will suffice. In times such as today it is easy to forget why “we do what we do.” If you are looking bottom line then yes, maybe the money could have been put towards a ministry project or somewhere else. But if you sit back and think about it, I am not here to see how much I can get done. I am not here to be bottom line in everything I do. Instead I am here to build relationships and one way to do that is to engage others in physical activity. You would be amazed at the relationships that can be formed simply by swinging a bat or kicking a ball. A timid girl who does not have much to say will come alive at the chance to play badminton with a friend. Teachers even, tho sometimes boring in the classroom, will put a smile on and join in with the kids and forget about the cares of the world for just a bit.

I failed to mention above that not all of the money went to sports equipment. 50 complete, Old and New Testament, Bibles were purchased as well. They did not come in, but when they do 29 girls will receive their first full Bible! Some will be stored for future students.

Also, as always, everyone wanted their picture taken. I believe I will hit the 1,000 mark very soon on pictures taken during this trip. If a picture is worth a thousand words then I will have plenty to say upon my return to the states. Which is coming up too quick by the way. It is just hitting me that I only have a few more days here. I don’t know what I am going to do when I have to get back in the car to leave. The children even just arrived today for school tomorrow and I want to stay here longer so I could get to know them! I feel like I have so much more to do and no time to do it in… I guess I’ll just have to come back next summer. Who knows

The Lord worked in a powerful way this afternoon. I look forward to making the most of the time I have left and continuing to challenge these students through the relationships that have been built. The Lord is good, to this there is no doubt.


About carlbasey

I am now in my second semester of seminary at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. I enjoy learning, reading, fishing, baseball, ultimate, and occasionally watching an entire season of a tv show at one time. I believe Jesus Christ saved me when I was 8 yrs young and has called me into vocational ministry. My life verse is Colossians 3:17
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