Oh cricket:)

Yesterday was very neat because I finally received clear direction on what I will be doing here. One of these things is spending time with the youth boys. It’s interesting, but these boys who I thought were only 14 or 15 are actually 18-20 years old. They do the best they can with the nutrition they are given. One way to gain their respect is through sports. Especially Cricket. I have never played cricket before this time… but as I started learning the rules I quickly realized the similarities with baseball. I know baseball well:) Therefore, after struggling through all the rules, I came up to bat and earned the most points to win the game. It’s funny, but they were actually proud to climb a fence and climb down a steep decline just to get a ball that I hit. They encouraged me to do it again actually lol. Through this I will build surface relationships, but through Bible studies I hope to gain their hearts attention toward Christ and grow them into being able-bodied Christians. This was found out when I met after we played on top of the roof of their housing. They do not always have power and so this is the most comfortable place to meet (three stories up…) We did not have a guitar or any other instruments and yet they praised God through lifting their voices in praise and clapping. It was a joyous time. After I struggled through a devotion using an interpreter again, they looked at me as if to say, “Was that it?” I was enthralled at their tenacity to want to know Scripture more and apply it to their life daily. One way to do this is through challenges. The guy who lead the devotion times before me would regularly give them witnessing challenges. They then gave a report on their friends that they have reached. So cool. As if this was not enough, they wake up in the morning times and we have this all over again at 5:30. Yes that is right I said we! Tho waking up has not been difficult for me. The Lord is good.

Part of my job here is to edit reports for their main office. These are no ordinary reports. They are glorious testimonies of pastors all over the area who have overcome adversity in their own lives only to be called into the ministry and now have to face adversity in villages where the Gospel is not welcome. Each pastor has a unique story to tell. Miraculous healing have occurred, people have been rescued from witch craft, and many others have seen the hopelessness  in Hinduism and have come to Christ; these are just a few stories. Please pray for the continued effort of these humble men as they share the name of Jesus for the first time in villages and God’s Kingdom is made reality!


About carlbasey

I am now in my second semester of seminary at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. I enjoy learning, reading, fishing, baseball, ultimate, and occasionally watching an entire season of a tv show at one time. I believe Jesus Christ saved me when I was 8 yrs young and has called me into vocational ministry. My life verse is Colossians 3:17
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  1. sbasey says:

    Well, looks to me like you are getting hooked!

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