The Time is Nearing…

It finally dawned on me today that I am leaving for India in 9 days. 9 days!. Wow has time flown!! It seems like just the other day I was stressing over the plane tickets and visa applications and all this other stuff that I had to accomplish in order to go. The report that I have is that I am fit and ready to leave. My passport was sent back to me the other day with a Visa sticker on one of the pages clearing me to enter the country. Then I received a couple books in the mail. Such good reads. Gave great insight into the culture of India. Then on Sunday afternoon something really cool and unexpected happened…

I was thrown a surprise Send Off party by my youth group! It was the coolest thing in the world. When I walked into the youth room I had a fury of theological terms and principles and ideologies that we were going to sink our teeth into (not really). Instead we sank our teeth into a cake that was made especially for me. We were lead into a time of worship and then I was the proud recipient of many verbal prayer from my youth as they prayed over me. Then we got to enjoy the cake:) That is always the good part. Some of the kids enjoyed a root beer or coke float as there was ice cream as well. It’s amazing that we didn’t make a mess but I believe everything was clean when we finished up. Thank you to all parents and students who played a part in this truly special event. I will remember it for a lifetime!

The cake was not all that I got this week. My Grandad is supporting me as well! With the money that he gave me I was able to go today and buy some culture appropriate (I think) shoes and pants. This sounds strange at first until you hear how I describe them. The pants are the same pants that I used to make fun of kids (or my father) for wearing lol. They are khakis that have zip off legs. When I talked to a couple of people who have been to India they said that tends to be a little warm over there. So they recommended something light but something that I can also put the legs on and ward off some of the mosquitos. I hope these will work out well. The next thing I bought were some new shoes. These are also shoes that in my carnal nature I believe I would have chuckled under my breath at people wearing them… Yet, I have discovered they are actually very comfortable and I may even find myself wearing them when I get back home. The name brand is Keen. They are breathable, closed toe, and slip-on. What could get any better? I was assured by the man selling them to me that they are rugged as he had himself been rock climbing in them in the past year. I am not usually a sucker, but after wearing them I could believe it. The purpose in them tho is to be able to wear them anywhere and do anything in. They can be worn inside and outside and are quick to dry in case I get them wet. The closed toe will come in handy because I imagine the roads down there are not going to be too great. Probably a lot of rocks.

I guess what I am trying to say is that things are starting to take shape. Everything is coming together in only a way that I know the Lord is leading me and is preparing the way for His work to be done! I am just glad I am along for the ride:)


About carlbasey

I am now in my second semester of seminary at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. I enjoy learning, reading, fishing, baseball, ultimate, and occasionally watching an entire season of a tv show at one time. I believe Jesus Christ saved me when I was 8 yrs young and has called me into vocational ministry. My life verse is Colossians 3:17
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1 Response to The Time is Nearing…

  1. Nicole Daw says:

    Keens are the bomb! Seriously! They are awesome hiking shoes. I have mine all picked out. 🙂

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