So I realized tonight another aspect of Christianity that Hindus may be lacking. Before I tell you what that is, allow me to explain what happened tonight. First off, I met with my group of guys tonight for another ICA meeting. Went spectacularly! The growth, spiritually, I am seeing in these guys is just amazing. It would be easy to take pride in this and attribute that growth to my work with them. But if they only knew how much I have been learning and am still learning from them I believe they would be amazed. The discussion tonight was on the church. We went through Mark Dever’s book, Nine Marks of a Healthy Church. Such a good read. After this two hour Bible/book study I went over to the Sunday School building where I knew a couple of my youth girls and a couple of adults were making decorations for Relay for Life. I figured I may be able to help with some of the paint or glitter or just assist them in making a mess. With the group that was over there I knew I might be walking into excitement. What I walked into, rather, was something that only my Blonde Jokes app on my iphone could explain…

What I saw were three people cleaning up orange paint on the wall and a door and the floor! How on earth did this happen? Apparently, one of the girls got the bright idea of rolling a paint tube on the ground under her foot. Inevitably it busted and shot orange paint over everything #insertblondejoke! When pressed as to what happened my holy and upright student proudly proclaimed, “It wasn’t me.” As time wore on tho I found out it was in fact her and she did, intentionally, roll the paint under her foot. As she described, “It wasn’t until I hit the cap on it that it decided to squirt out…” So we all spent the next hour or so taking orange paint off of a white wall. Fun stuff.

Now to the point. These events, the Bible study and the accident, both took place at the church. When I read different books and articles on the Hindu religion I can’t help but notice how elaborate their temples are and how holy their time in the temples is. I would not imagine they have a lot of excitement around there. I admit, this is only my perception and may not be reality. But if this is readily true then I believe I have discovered another bridge for the Gospel. You see, as a Christian I do not hold the building where we meet in much high esteem. Let me explain. I have been raised with the expression, “This is God’s house.” But is the church building the actual house where God resides? I think not. I believe the church to be a local body of believers who worship Jesus together and have decided, out of a necessity of a place to meet, to build a building. With this understanding the focus is off of the building and onto the Holy Spirit whom resides within each one of us. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy a fancy looking church with all of the trimmings and stained glass and projectors and pews and all the other items you regularly find. But this cannot be the focus. Rather, fellowship is the focus. I believe Hindus lack a community fellowship within their religion. In fact they worship gods as a family and will have a shrine built in each house.

Where I believe I can engage in discussion is by describing what happened tonight. Saturday is not regarded as the Sabbath Day particularly and yet I met and had an effective Bible study meeting with the guys. Then after I had a blast talking, playing, and searching facebook with a group of people who themselves were not doing anything particularly spiritual at the church building. Even in spilling paint we had a blast in cleaning it up! This would not make sense to a Hindu because they do not value relationships within their religion like we do. If I could only find a way to reflect this fellowship between believers I believe it would entice the minds of the people to begin asking questions and begin wondering how and why we get along so well and interact in a loving, nourishing, and uplifting way! It is by relationships that Christ is glorified: His relationship with us, our relationship with other believers, and our relationship with the lost around us.

May we as Christians set our tasks to fostering this spirit of fellowship so that Christ is glorified!!!


About carlbasey

I am now in my second semester of seminary at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. I enjoy learning, reading, fishing, baseball, ultimate, and occasionally watching an entire season of a tv show at one time. I believe Jesus Christ saved me when I was 8 yrs young and has called me into vocational ministry. My life verse is Colossians 3:17
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