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I could not tell you much about me without telling you a whole lot about FBC Mossy Head, FL. As I plan for India I am reminded constantly that so much work needs to be done in and around the community of Mossy Head. But this weekend is a Lay Renewal Weekend focused on discerning each member’s spiritual gifts. This is such a big deal to the lifeblood of the church. From what I have learned about spiritual gifts (which is not much), I have picked up on the fact that if a person is not practicing his/her gift in an area where said gift is required, then the quality of work that the individual is doing will never be to full potential. I believe God has granted me the gift of a servant’s heart. I know every Christian is supposed to be a minister and not be worried about the limelight, but I know there is something different inside me that sees a work to be done and does it no questions asked. This entire weekend I have cleaned up the kitchen by myself. I have loved it! By doing this I am potentially freeing someone else up to be able to enjoy the weekend. Joe Smith appreciates this I am certain. But I wanted to take a moment and brag on my youth group. They are absolutely phenomenal. God has used me in a mighty way and I have seen life change through them over a year and a half span that I have been at the church. These kids have a heart of/for Christ. The victims for this weekend were Alex, Patrick, Kaytlyn, Peyton, McKenzie, and Anthony. I am consistently on them about being a disciple of Christ and approaching everything we do in life with a purpose. Yet, sometimes a little fun is needed and when this happens things typically get broke. Needless to say a door was nearly taken off the hinges because of some rough housing… But in the lazy afternoon someone came up with the idea of playing hide-and-go seek in the church. Such an amazing idea. In our last two games I was not found by all other people. Yes even those who were not supposed to look for me was looking for me. My hiding place was a bit gross because it was behind a trash can under the kitchen counter. I won tho.

Enough about me though, I wanted to simply send out a praise to the youth group at FBCMH. Going to a Bible college and learning all this new information is one way to learn. But I do not think that way is complete. In my degree I must have an internship. When it came time to do it I told my professor that I was already in an internship and planned on staying after the class was seen through. He said it was fine. But the lessons learned on the battlefield, in the trenches doing the work of the ministry was as rewarding and beneficial to my overall learning experience as the book work is. I believe a combination of the two MUST be found in order to grow into being a competent full-time minister of any sort. Yes this even includes music students (they often get picked on). But I never expected such an amazing youth group to be plugged into. God is so good and so gracious. He knew just the right amount of students that I could handle and do schooling. Several of them are further along now in their walk with Christ than I even was when I entered college. One man complimented me tonight on their maturity level and I simply replied back, “All glory to God.” And I mean this seriously. I have not done anything special with these kids. I simply loved them and taught them the Bible. When these two things are paired together I believe they make a killer one-two punch for maturity in Christ! So thank you kids for keeping me grounded and challenging me in my faith. Thank you also for being cooler than I am. Y’all have grown me so very much. I look forward to where the Lord will take each and every one of you…


About carlbasey

I am now in my second semester of seminary at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. I enjoy learning, reading, fishing, baseball, ultimate, and occasionally watching an entire season of a tv show at one time. I believe Jesus Christ saved me when I was 8 yrs young and has called me into vocational ministry. My life verse is Colossians 3:17
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