Gospel Receptivity

I want to reference back to the map found in the last post. In this map there is a massive look at how “reached” a nation is today (or close to it). Then there are three smaller maps. The middle map is the focus of my thoughts at the moment. For in this map amazing insights leap off of the page and into our hearts as Christians. This map is a visual representation of how receptive nations are to the Gospel. The creator of this map must have had a vendetta out against the U.S. because in each of the maps it is the U.S. that remains green. In this case green is no good. America right now is in a state of rebellion. There are a million reasons why this is but I just want to focus in on one.

We, the U.S., believe we have life figured out. Yes it is a pride issue. We practice life as if we should expect every turn that we have to take. We live life under our own power. Because of this mental framework, having a Gospel that is centered on dying to self and being born again into the resurrection of Christ is simply an unwelcome/foreign concept. Americans do not want to be told that they cannot get to heaven on their own.

Now that this has been expounded on (tho not in much detail), I want to take a look at the rest of the middle map. Where are the brightest colors? Red is for the highest Gospel receptivity nations right now. Then yellow, orange, and finally green. Red is found in Russia, South America, Africa, Asia, and the Indonesia. Yellow can be found in South America, Asia, some of Europe, and especially India! How awesome are these findings!!! If this is not an encouragement to the work of the Lord in the world I don’t know what is… The simple fact is, something is going on outside of the states that is powerful and spreading. American Christians would be wise to check in on God’s global church because someone somewhere is doing effective ministry and it is likely that place is not America. Allow me to put in a disclaimer here. The work in America is done well. The work needs to continue and be stronger than ever, but Kingdom work is being done and God is being glorified. I have come to believe though that I am shortchanging myself when I believe I can come up with all the answers for my community on my own. It is through training (BCF) and observation that strategy is formed to enable Gospel directiveness. The Holy Spirit is not taken out of this process. By all means it is only by His work that anything worthy is done. But God has given man a mind to think and eyes to see and we need to realize that missionaries on the international field are getting the work done that America simply is not right now. This is only an insight as to why India has been placed on my heart. More on this tomorrow hopefully. I am still developing consistency…


About carlbasey

I am now in my second semester of seminary at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. I enjoy learning, reading, fishing, baseball, ultimate, and occasionally watching an entire season of a tv show at one time. I believe Jesus Christ saved me when I was 8 yrs young and has called me into vocational ministry. My life verse is Colossians 3:17
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